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Searching for sales representative.
Negotiating with your partners on your behalf.
Setup business meetings and incentives

Wait no more... bring your business to Japan!
At your request and on your terms, we will search for sales representatives for your products on Japanese market, that matches best your standards and criteria..
Then we will perform negociations in your terms so that both parties will be satisfied with the result.
Developing a steady and trustful relationship with you will make us able to represent your interests as good as if your executives negociated directly with the Japanese party.
The negociations and communication with the Japanese counterpart are in Japanese language, which makes the conversation smoother, faster and contributes to deepening a relationship of trust.

If you have great pride and confidence in your products or services, it may be the right time to hit Japan.
Except for the price, there's one rule for Japan: Quality Rules.
Remember, Japanese have economically ruled the world just with this rule. But why not srike back..?
Do you have a Japanese brand anything in your house or around you? Do your friends, too? Well guess what- chances are that no Japanese has anything made by your company or your friends' companies or their friends' companies...

Negotiations with partners in Japan